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N.A.S.T.I.E  2021
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Meet the Instructors

Jason Lulloff, P.E. Teacher / Coach

Mr. Lulloff has a passion for helping students reach their goals in athletics and fitness improvement. His strong fitness background and success in collegiate athletics allows students to learn from someone who has been deeply involved in both the physical and mental aspects of training.

Jennifer Lulloff, 4K Educator / Former Coach

Mrs. Lulloff has a strong background in child development, experience teaching at the elementary school level, coaching middle and high school athletes, and teaching PreK-6 students about healthy lifestyle choices.  This broad range of experiences, along with her patient and charismatic approach to teaching puts everyone at ease and brings smiles to many faces.

Jared Bagniewski, P.E. & Health Teacher / Coach

Mr. Bagniewski strives for perfection.  His experiences as a teacher in both health and physical education offer expertise in nutrition and fitness.  His patience is a virtue and a combination of knowledge and understanding make him an easy instructor to learn from.

Travis Kowalski, Social Studies Teacher / Coach

Mr. Kowalski has a desire to improve leadership and character through sport and training.  His beliefs on accountability and experience in working with students and athletes lend a unique outlook on self improvement.



Teague Fenwick, Social Studies Teacher / Coach

Although young, Coach Fenwick’s dedication to the Holmen sports program is involved to say the least.  Coach Fenwick coaches football, track and field, and high school wrestling.  Coach Fenwick believes that being involved in sports promotes a sense of integrity and accountability in all athletes.  He carries a very positive attitude and endless enthusiasm.



Stephanie Helmers, Owner of Zen Pow Studio / Personal Trainer

Stephanie has been personal training since 2011 and opened her own yoga and fitness studio in 2013.  Stephanie is very dedicated to fitness and wants to help our students find the value of adding yoga in their training programs.  Yoga has been heavily practiced by professional athletes for years and the benefits of yoga are undeniable!



Anne Nyseth, Zumba / Karate / Barre / TRX

Ms. Nyseth has been doing zumba with kids and adults for  years.  Her high energy, crazy, and fun approach to fitness inspires many people.  She loves working with HHS students and looks forward to expanding to karate / barre / and TRX with NASTIE in the future.

Nick Wiese, Social Studies Teacher / Coach

Mr. Wiese has dedicated much of his spare time to work with Holmen students and athletes in and out of the classroom.  Coach Wiese coaches football and wrestling and formally was a baseball coach.  He helps develop leadership characteristics and promotes character development. His dedication to programs in hopes to help others become more successful is evident and contagious.

Chad Wedan, Math Teacher / Coach

Mr. Wedan has over 15 years of experience developing speed in high school athletes. He has dedicated his time to coaching track and field and football throughout his teaching career and has a strong knowledge of sprint mechanics and speed development for peak performance.

Cale Zuiker, English Teacher / Coach

Mr. Zuiker is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.  His experience coaching track and field and collegiate experience as an athlete provides valuable training information both in speed development and in the weight room.  Cale is an upbeat, positive thinker who wants what’s best for kids.

Nick Johnson, Personal Trainer – Pursuit Personal Training

Nick Johnson has been dedicated to sports, fitness, and Holmen for a number of years.  He currently serves our community as a personal trainer for his business Pursuit Personal Training.  In addition to training people, Nick is an active MMA athlete, Holmen Middle School wrestling coach, and involved with a number of gyms and companies around the area.  He is intense, funny, and a go getter!

Ryan Mutzner, Exercise and Sport Science Major

Ryan Mutzner is a college student studying exercise and sport science.  His passions are lifting weights and sports.  As a former NASTIE participant, Ryan loved the program and now wants to helps others achieve their goals. 

Alexandra Carlson, Exercise and Sport Science Major

Ms. Carlson attends the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and is a alumni of Holmen High School.  She is enrolled in the Exercise and Sport Science program with a concentration in coaching competitive athletics and a minor in nutrition.  Ms. Carlson has lots of experience working and coaching in many local gyms and has shadowed some outstanding proven coaches.

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