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N.A.S.T.I.E  2021
Be Back in June 2021!


Due to Covid-19 concerns, we will not be running summer programming this year.  It saddens our hearts to bring you this news, but hopefully you can understand the responsibility it takes to organize and run a program like this.  When we ask ourselves if we are willing to bear the responsibility of everyone’s safety during these times, there is hesitation.  The hesitation is a lack of confidence which is why we are writing this note today.  We encourage all families to be educated and make decisions that are best for your families and our community.  There are many ways to continue to prepare and train for upcoming seasons or find healthy habits during these times.  We believe our students and athletes have developed knowledge and skills to empower themselves until we can come back together again.  Be creative, be safe, and spend some time discovering what you truly want to accomplish with health, fitness, and training.  Once we have weathered this storm, everything else will seem so rewarding.  We have always said gratitude is essential.  Be grateful for what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t.  We will always be here for you as a resource, please reach out to us at any time!
Jason Lulloff and the NASTIE staff and team

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