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Training Intensive Exercise

N.A.S.T.I.E  2019
June 10 - July 18, 2019

FAQ Test

Summer can be hectic and figuring out summer schedules can be frustrating.

This section is to help answer common questions we receive about our program so you can kick back, relax, and stay informed.

FAQ 2018

We have many that don't make every single session (it is summer after all and our schedules are busy).  We hope you can attend as many sessions as possible.  The more sessions you can attend, the more benefit you will get from the program, but missing for a family function or vacation travel is expected during these months.  We usually have a 5 week program but extended it to 6 weeks this year to accommodate those types of things.
Once we have received payment and forms, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your FMS Screen through Schedule Once.  This email will only go out to those who signed up and paid for the FMS service (not offered with the standard service or the ages below 8th grade).  You won’t be able to make any appointments until we have received your registration and payment. The FMS screen itself is pretty harmless.  It is not strenuous or difficult.  We recommend that comfortable clothing is worn for movement, but we don’t expect you to break a sweat of any kind.  Parents are welcome to attend the screen, but do not need to be present.  Depending on how many people are at the screen (between 1 and 4) the screen itself could take 25-45 minutes.
The shirts will be handed out the last week of the session.
We will not have the program running on July 4th.  Many families travel on this day or have other arrangements.
The N.A.S.T.I.E. program is designed for anyone who will be an incoming 4th grader through recent HS graduate. We have two different sessions. Please click on the sessions tab near the top to learn more.
All you need is a water bottle, comfortable clothes to move in, and athletic type shoes. Also, if you have a small device (smartphone, ipod, etc) that is wifi capable, you can access workout information right from the device. If you don’t have a device, we have plenty of ways to share the information with you!
The earliest session begins at 6:00 AM.  Your son or daughter attending summer school would be able to finish their workout by 7:15 AM if they needed to go to summer school.  The only conflict would be they might miss the Zen Pow Yoga on Wednesdays, but could still get their lift in for that day.
We have made registration, payment, signing of waiver forms, and the scheduling of FMS appointments all online for a number of reasons: Quick and Easy Paperless Documentation Work, time, and effort on our end is decreased We do realize that some people out there are not as familiar or comfortable with this type of registration. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure a safe online transaction, but we will also cater to those who still don’t feel comfortable with it. Please click the contact button on the upper right, and let us know you would like to register in person and we will get back to you with details.
Our N.A.S.T.I.E. program is targeted for those who attend the school district of Holmen. The facilities at HHS are limited and we give preference to those who attend school in the district. If you want to inquire about this possibility, please click on the contact box near the top and Jason Lulloff will get in touch with you.
Well the obvious difference is price. The standard session is $60 and the Standard + FMS is $75. The extra $15 is because the FMS requires an appointment to get a functional movement screen (FMS). This appointment is with either Jason Lulloff or Jared Bagniewski. At the appointment, the client will be screened on their movement patterns. A report card will be generated that explains the results and a personalized workout plan will be created to correct any deficiencies in their movement patterns. To learn more click on the "Features" tab above and select FMS.

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